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Round Accent Table

Accent Table, Copper Top Black Metal Bottom, Arabesque Design, High End , Copper, Black, Round Accent Table, Tables, 17", 22"H, Metal

Size: 17" x 22"H

Barcode: 31097246

WEEKLY:  $108.15
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Trunk, Chest, Oak, Dark Finish, Steel Hinges, Steel Decals, Carved Floral Design, Warehouse, Dk. Brown, Trunk, Trunks, 46" W , 18" D , 22" H , Oak, Steel

Size: 46" W x 18" D x 22" H

Barcode: 31097041

WEEKLY:  $76.90
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Restaurant Chair

Bistro Chair, Stacking Chair, Woven Vinyl, African Pattern, Light Brown And Black, Warehouse, Black, Lt. Brown, Restaurant Chair, Chairs


Barcode: 31100137

WEEKLY:  $35.70
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Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair, Red Fabric, Chrome Frame, 1 Of 30 #32103901 Thru 32103930, Warehouse, Red, Silver, Stacking Chair, Chairs, No Visible Wear And Tear, 19"W, 32"H, 20"D, Metal, Cloth, Contemporary, Modern

Size: 19"W x 32"H x 20"D

Barcode: 32103913

WEEKLY:  $32.00
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Dining Table

Dining Table, White Carrara Marble Top, American Walnut Legs, "Theodosia" By Yuman Mod, High End , Walnut, White, Dining Table, Tables, Good, 29"H, 51"RD, Marble, Carrara, Walnut, Modern, Contemporary

Size: 29"H x 51"RD

Barcode: 31100921

WEEKLY:  $472.50
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Miscellaneous Items

Hardhat , Hand Props, White, Miscellaneous Items, Miscellaneous, W 9", 12", H 6":, Plastic

Size: W 9" x 12" x H 6":

Barcode: 31101245

WEEKLY:  $1.10
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Lobby Seat

Eames, Herman Miller, Airport Lobby Bench, 5 Seat Bank, Black Vinyl, Aluminum Frame, Two Legs, Warehouse, Black, Silver, Lobby Seat, Benches, 117"W, 32"D, 34"H, Vinyl, Aluminum, 1960's

Size: 117"W x 32"D x 34"H

Barcode: 31101763

WEEKLY:  $252.00
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Sofa, Carved Swan Arms, Burgundy Upholstery With Gold Trim Brass Inlay On Walnut Frame, High End , Burgundy, Gold, Sofa, Sofas, Walnut, 71"W, 26"D, 36"H, Walnut, Upholstery, Directoire

Size: 71"W x 26"D x 36"H

Barcode: 31101224

WEEKLY:  $441.00
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Tall Case Dresser

Dresser, Walnut, 3 Drawer, Bronze Pulls And Locking Hardware, Tapered Sides With Sarcophagus Top, Carved Legs And Lower Moulding, Key Cabled Inside Drawer., High End , Walnut, Tall Case Dresser, Dressers, 47"W, 22"D, 36"H, Walnut, French

Size: 47"W x 22"D x 36"H

Barcode: 31101188

WEEKLY:  $367.50
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Juke Box, CD, Seeburg Laser Music, Blue And Black With Pastel Accents, Warehouse, Blue, Black, Jukebox, Jukeboxes, Multi-colored, 40"W, 27"D, 60"H, Metal, Glass, 1980's

Size: 40"W x 27"D x 60"H

Barcode: 31101184

WEEKLY:  $252.00
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