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Round Accent Table

Accent Table, Copper Top Black Metal Bottom, Arabesque Design, High End , Copper, Black, Round Accent Table, Tables, 17", 22"H, Metal

Size: 17" x 22"H

Barcode: 31097246

WEEKLY:  $103.00
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Trunk, Chest, Oak, Dark Finish, Steel Hinges, Steel Decals, Carved Floral Design, Warehouse, Dk. Finish, Trunk, Trunks, 46" W , 18" D , 22" H , Oak, Steel

Size: 46" W x 18" D x 22" H

Barcode: 31097041

WEEKLY:  $73.20
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Bench, Upholstered

Bench, Upholstered, Beige Fabric. Two 8" diameter bolsters attach with straps and Velcro closures . Solid maple legs With Dark Finish And brass ferrules. , Warehouse, Beige, Dk. Brown, Bench, Upholstered, Benches, 57"W, 20"D, 18"H, 1960's

Size: 57"W x 20"D x 18"H

Barcode: 31099904

WEEKLY:  $97.00
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Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair, Knoll X3 Designed By Marco Maran, Polished Chrome Steel Legs With Polycarbonate Desmopan Lattice Seat, 1 Of 7 #32102586 Thru 592, Warehouse, Lime Green, Stacking Chair, Chairs, Good, 21"W, 18.5"D, 30"H, Polycarbonate, Steel, Modern

Size: 21"W x 18.5"D x 30"H

Barcode: 32102592

WEEKLY:  $75.00
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Arm Chair

Arm Chair, Woven Cotton, Tan, Brown, Pink, Wood Frame, Warehouse, Arm Chair, Chairs


Barcode: 31099612

WEEKLY:  $83.00
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Restaurant Chair

Bistro Chair, Stacking Chair, Woven Vinyl, African Pattern, Light Brown And Black, Warehouse, Black, Lt. Brown, Restaurant Chair, Chairs


Barcode: 31100137

WEEKLY:  $34.00
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Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair, Red Fabric, Chrome Frame, 1 Of 30 #32103901 Thru 32103930, Warehouse, Red, Chrome-plated, Stacking Chair, Chairs, Good, 19"W, 32"H, 20"D, Metal, Cloth, Contemporary, Modern

Size: 19"W x 32"H x 20"D

Barcode: 32103913

WEEKLY:  $30.40
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Dining Table

Dining Table, White Carrara Marble Top, American Walnut Legs, "Theodosia" By Yuman Mod, High End , Walnut, White, Dining Table, Tables, Good, 29"H, 51"RD, Marble, Carrara, Walnut, Modern, Contemporary

Size: 29"H x 51"RD

Barcode: 31100921

WEEKLY:  $450.00
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Restaurant Table

Cafe Table, Bistro Table, Southwestern, Woven, Black And Beige, Metal Frame, Warehouse, Restaurant Table, Tables, 28" R , 28" H , Plastic, Metal

Size: 28" R x 28" H

Barcode: 31100916

WEEKLY:  $45.00
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Hutch, 2 Shelves, Bead Board Back, Crown Moulding, Black Metal Hinges And Pull, Repurposed Screen Door With Trim And Dowel Bottom For Door, Warehouse, White, Hutch, Hutches, Fair, 44"W, 17"D, 94"H, Pressed Board, Pine, American Country, Rustic

Size: 44"W x 17"D x 94"H

Barcode: 31100865

WEEKLY:  $138.62
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